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Cube's new boy group 'Pentagon'

Pann: Cube will debut a rookie group, pisses me off

1. [+136, -2] Melodies were raised by B2uties' love... but CLC..

2. [+103, -7] Aigo, Cube-ya, my dongsaeng could run the company better than you, ugh

3. [+100, -3] Yang Hong Seok is included? Doesn't he have a personality controversy?

4. [+43, -0] B2ST and 4Minute don't even have an official Twitter. CLC was media-played since debut and they added a new member but they flopped. They don't even have a good personality. 4Minute, B2ST, and BTOB had to work overseas for the first half of the last year to fill the deficit CLC caused. Cube didn't even promote their albums, it was full of mistakes. When BTOB debuted, B2uties took a lot of care of the group. B2ST and BTOB are also close so their fans also supported each other. They voted for each other's group on music shows. Meanwhile, CLC's bad personality got revealed and Melodies, B2uties, and 4nias stopped caring about CLC. And the debut trailer of Pentagon was released. They didn't even debut yet but they're already media-playing as "B2ST's brother group". Who would like that? In the trailer video, the song sounds like Infinite and the video looks like EXO. It looks like they have a lot of members to copy EXO. Now, when I see Cube, it doesn't look like one family. It's divided into two - B2ST, BTOB, 4Minute / CLC, Pentagon.

5. [+40, -0] When will B2ST perform in Korea? BTOB will be shipped to Japan when Pentagon debuts... Damn Cube...

6. [+36, -0] They should've stopped at BTOB or put more thoughts when debuting a rookie group.

7. [+34, -0] It's so funny to think that Pentagon's sunbae is CLC ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+34, -9] As if BTOB and B2ST are the only breadwinners. Stop excluding 4Minute, they actually earn more than BTOB.

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