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HOT, god, and Bigbang as TOP3 boy groups of all time

The best idol group of all time & one of the first idol groups. Had the biggest fandom in the history of Korean music industry.

Had the biggest physical sales of all idol groups. The first idol group to have 'national' title.

Signaled the start of digital sales. Introduced a new paradigm. One of the first idol groups to self-produce. To last long, a group has to either have a Shinhwa-like bond or solid solo careers like Bigbang.


Pann: TOP3 boy groups of all time

1. [+58, -12] How come there's no TVXQ? Do you not know Mirotic?

2. [+48, -33] TVXQ, not god

3. [+35, -26] Take god out

4. [+28, -5] Why take god out? We can just make it TOP4 and put HOT, god, TVXQ, and Bigbang. To Mother is still a good song to listen to. Oh, is it because god is not an idol group?

5. [+25, -9] Honestly, Bigbang has the best dignity. Digital sales, Youtube views, concert sale, popularity, they have everything.

6. [+24, -41] TVXQ, not Bigbang

7. [+19, -18] I'm a 01'er and I heard TVXQ's songs more than Bigbang's. Where's TVXQ?

8. [+18, -7] If we're comparing TVXQ and Bigbang's peaks, TVXQ is bigger... The actual rivalry was TVXQ vs SS501.

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