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Hani cries while doing yoga on Star King

Pann: Hani cried again while doing yoga

1. [+213, -5] Hani fans talk about how people have no empathy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hani's reasons for crying are personal and something we can't relate at all, why should we be empathetic and be sad for her?

2. [+201, -4] I don't care if she cries but she's crying on every show she's on, of course viewers won't like it. It wouldn't be weird if her crying suits the show's atmosphere but she cries while eating bread, doing yoga, hosting a show. How would other panelists and viewers feel? Every celebrity gets negative comments, so should all celebrities be crying on TV? If she's having a hard time, then she should take a break. Taking care of her own conditions and emotions is her responsibility as a celebrity.

3. [+201, -11] She went on Crime Scene and became a Crying Sin(god)

4. [+87, -3] Dude, you're doing your job while getting paid. Wake up. What's wrong with you? Even though you're struggling, this is the job you chose to have because you liked it. Do you think your situation is the same as other unemployed people around your age that are struggling to get a job and work in the society? A plenty of people work more than 10 hours a day but earn less than $2,000 per month. You get to wear pretty clothes, pretty make up, have fun on variety shows, and earn much more and get big popularity. Isn't it too shameless to cry while doing yoga? Why the hell are you crying all the time? Is a celebrity career that hard for you? Do you want to be a nugu again? You don't want that, do you? That's enough, you fucking bitch.

5. [+74, -0] I want to shield her but I've never seen anyone crying while doing yoga

6. [+66, -0] Including this, she has cried 7 times on TV. Does she think TV is the place for her to cry?

7. [+62, -0] No one is upset that she's crying. It's that she's crying on every show. And her reasons are not understandable.

8. [+56, -2] What in the world is she struggling with? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She should think back of her nugu days

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