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Chaebol marriage in 2014 + marriage trends of high-class families

16th marriage in 2014

Second child / born in 1984 / Owner of real estate company / annual income is 1 billion won
Parents own 10 buildings in Seocho, Gangnam
Seoul National University graduate
Served in KATUSA
Lives in a house of 661m2 in Sungbuk-dong (owned by parents)
Owns a condo I-Park in Samsung-dong
Parents' property is 200 billion won
Father: Seoul National University graduate / chief judge / lawyer of a famous law firm
Mother: Ihwa Women's University graduate / professor of an arts university in Seoul
Brother: Yale University graduate / lives overseas
Sister: Yonsei University graduate / lives overseas

Second child / born in 1986 / pharmacist / annual income is 0.3 billion won
Owns a big pharmacy in the city
Ihwa Women's University graduate, majored in pharmacy
Lives in a house of 330m2 in Hannam-dong (owned by parents)
Parents' property is 80 billion won
Father: Seoul National University graduate / doctor / professor of a medical university in Seoul
Mother: Ihwa Women's University graduate / owns a famous gallery
Sister: Seoul University graduate / judge
Sister: Yonsei University graduate / studies in France

Marriage trends of high-class families:
Their meetups are very private. They borrow an entire high-class restaurant or a movie theater.
Children of high-class families do not lack in finances, jobs, looks, education, or anything. So their priorities are family background and job. Even if the partner has outstanding looks, they get rejected if they lack in family background or job. Well-known figures like celebrities and models are avoided because they don't want to be talked in gossips. The key point is wedding presents they exchange. It's usually around 1.5~2 billion won or under 1 billion if they want to do it simply. Along with wedding present money, they usually give a Gangnam condo also. Most 2nd generation chaebols don't refuse the arranged marriage by their parents. They have the same mindset as their parents and they're also worried that they might be pushed back in the rank of succession.


Instiz: Real marriage case of 1% of Korea's high-class family

- I'm just gonna marry the person I love

- The groom's family is amazing... Even his siblings have great education background... I guess their mothers will be exchanging arts ㅋㅋㅋ

- They're definitely not gonna marry middle class...

- So they're marrying someone they don't like?

- If I was born in that family, I'd also want to marry someone with similar background though...

- They have good specs but I don't think it's 1%... Maybe 3~5%? Or are they the same? ㅋㅋㅋ

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