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A letter Eun Jiwon wrote to his sasaengs

Hi! I'm Jiwon... I decided to give up some sleep and write a letter with my bad writing skills to tell you guys something. You guys must be upset with me a lot! Everytime I come back home from a schedule, I see you guys waiting for me. But I just walk into home... It's not that I find you annoying or I dislike you. I really want to talk to you guys overnight and hang out. I'm sure you know that I can't do that. Please understand me. I'm happy when I see you guys waiting for me at my house. I'm really happy that there are people that care about me and love me that much. But if you really like me, I hope you understand that I can't meet you guys personally. Sometimes, as my mom knows, I couldn't sleep because I was worried about you guys. 'What if they're cold? What if they're hungry? Where would they sleep?' These thoughts distract me from sleeping. Please understand me and forgive me! Whether you think it's OK or not, it really worries me. Don't you think your parents would like me if you decide to go home and spend time with them instead? Oh, and I hope you know that my cold attitude isn't my honest feelings. If you don't understand, who would? Lastly, I love you... -Jiwon-

(When Eun Jiwon was promoting in Sechs Kies, he photocopied the handwritten letter and gave it to his sasaengs)


Pann: A letter Eun Jiwon gave to his fans waiting at his house

1. [+35, -0] He even did this for sasaengs... I would've cried because it's so touching.

2. [+16, -0] I can feel his innocence from the letter ㅠㅠ

3. [+6, -0] Wow... I'm seeing Eun Jiwon in a new light. He's very affectionate towards his fans.

- The fans will go home straight ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- He's a good guy if it wasn't his aunt

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