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Six idol groups that debuted with a full album

Blooming - Kara
Rating: 4.6

2014 S/S - Winner
Rating: 4.2

Cheerful Sensibility - FT Island
Rating: 4.6

Super Junior 05 - Super Junior
Rating: 4.3

Girls' Invasion - Lovelyz
Rating: 3.2

Do It Amazing - Dia
Rating: 3.2


Instiz: Idol groups that debuted with a full album

- What's the difference between a full album, a single album, and a mini album?
-- Number of b-side tracks. A mini album has 6~8 max and a full album has over 10 songs.

- Super Junior wasn't an official group at that time, they were a project group...

- FT Island has the best debut album

- Kara's debut album has a lot of their best songs

- I liked all songs of 2014 s/s ㅠㅠ

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