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Do you have your own jinx?

Pann: Do you have your own jinx?

1. [+272, -5] When I somehow learn a new song or new information, it always gets mentioned around me.

2. [+237, -4] I never become close to the ones that I want to be friends with

3. [+235, -4] I hang out in a group because I want to be close to them but I always don't fit in... I can't blend into a group ㅠㅠ

4. [+115, -0] My crush doesn't like me

5. [+114, -0] I wake up a couple of minutes before the alarm clock rings. It's quite annoying.

6. [+100, -0] When I imagine something specific, it never happens. For example, if I imagine going to downtown, a karaoke, and a restaurant tomorrow, my plan always gets cancelled somehow.

7. [+91, -0] It's not just me but when I'm mad, the first thing I do is cry ㅠㅠ

8. [+81, -1] I have a lot of deja vu moments... I go, "Wait, this is similar to what I've experienced before!"

9. [+76, -0] There's a kid that I really hate. Three months after, they hate me more.

10. [+70, -0] When I anticipate something, it never happens. When I don't anticipate it, good things happen.

11. [+55, -0] Sometimes, a teacher picks a random student to answer a question. When I think, "There's no way he'll call my name", it's always me that gets picked. Do they read my mind or what? It happens all the time with every teacher.

12. [+53, -0] The ones that bully me end up suffering. One of them even got into a car accident and couldn't come to school for months.

13. [+21, -0] It's about my mom. She's really good at seeing who's good or bad. When she doesn't like a celebrity, they always get into a scandal. The biggest ones are Kim Hyun Joong and Go Young Wook. My mom hated Kim Hyun Joong during Boys Over Flowers and she also seriously hated Go Young Wook's laugh. She always said they'll be controversial in the future for sure.

14. [+20, -0] Dramas I don't bother watch all hit big

15. [+14, -0] My favorite singers and celebrities all get screwed... The reasons are diverse. Scamming, prostitution, crimes, disbandment, bad relationship among members, and even suicide... I don't talk about this because no one will believe me but it's anonymous here anyways. There are more than nine groups that I liked and they all got screwed... And it's always my bias. I trusted and believed this celebrity the most but after they also got screwed, I'm scared to like another celebrity again.

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