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Minzy's prettier looks

Pann: 2NE1 Minzy became a lot prettier

1. [+63, -3] She debuted when she was 16 and got a lot of hate because of her looks. It's a good choice, she didn't overdo it like Park Bom. She's still 23, she should also live prettily.

2. [+54, -4] Kwon Sohyun?

3. [+39, -5] When CL used to be called ugly, all of 2NE1 members wore tone-down makeup and their makeup didn't even suit their faces. People should know.

4. [+15, -0] I think she only got her nose done. She looks very different because of her new makeup style. She used to wear thick eyeliner but now she's using eye shadow and it suits her. Her eye makeup is simplified but she looks much fancier. Her eyes don't look big but they don't look stiff anymore.

5. [+11, -0] Didn't she say that she got her nose done? She had a rhinitis surgery and also got a nose job in the process. It was a good choice, she looks prettier.

6. [+6, -1] Her plastic surgery is successful, she looks naturally pretty

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