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Jay Park mentions JYP and 2PM in his interview

Q) Rumors say that you're often restricted on broadcast because of your bad relationship with JYP.

" I don't know the exact reasons for it. I didn't stay there because I couldn't appear on broadcast. But I don't feel upset and I just move on. I end up doing better on other aspects."

Q) Your old lyrics remind of a particular person. What was your real intent?

"When I write lyrics, I write what's on my mind at the moment. Interpretations can vary. People always want to put me against the CEO of my former company. But I have a lot of people that I have to be responsible to. I'm busy doing my work."

Q) What do you think of Park Jin Young?

"You can't put me and him together. It's like forming a match between a basketball player and a baseball player. It just doesn't work out. Since I left 2PM, 2005~ 2009 were my hardest years. But if I didn't have the hard time, I wouldn't have became strong like this."

Q) The fact that the leader of a popular group 2PM got kicked out was a very shocking incident in the music industry. We've heard that Park Jin Young, 2PM, and you all got affected by it.

"I was ready to forget everything and continue with my life, but the media made it like a "drama". It was fine for me if I didn't continue to be a celebrity. I could've lived peacefully by working at a car repair shop and attend b-boy battles."

Q) Do you still contact 2PM members?

"No, because our paths are clearly different. I heard that they're doing well in Japan. I don't want others to do bad. I'm also cheering for Twice. Tzuyu hwaiting!"


Pann: Jay Park disses JYP in his interview

1. [+138, -26] What's certain is that Jay Park didn't get kicked out for nothing. JYP has no mercy on personalities, just look at DAY6 Junhyeok. There must be a reason why he got kicked out.

2. [+114, -3] He's not dissing JYP, he's just saying that he has nothing to do with JYP anymore.

3. [+104, -18] The reason for him getting kicked out got known by the entire industry. So all of singer companies didn't accept him. Sidus took him because they wanted him to be an actor.

4. [+56, -3] Those that left JYP still contact and are friends with JYP and the artists. Why is Jay Park an exception ㅋㅋ

5. [+50, -0] The reason why his broadcast appearance is restricted is not because of JYP, it's because of his tattoos.

6. [+42, -11] Yikes, look at his tattoos. Gross.

7. [+39, -10] Wasn't he controversial for putting down Korea? I stopped liking him since. It's interesting that he still has fans.

8. [+37, -12] "It's not illegal, but it will be a very big scandal socially. We cannot reveal it for the sake of Jay Park. Even Sidus was curious and released articles of asking us to tell the reason. But we have to keep it a secret for Jay Park. He committed the act during AAA promotion without letting his members know. As soon as the members found out, they stated that they could not promote with him as a group anymore. JYP planned to make them comeback after reflection, but Jay Park hurriedly called them and confessed his fault." What in the world does this mean? No one knows the truth but JYP beat around the bush like this. As a result, he had all sorts of dirty rumors like having a party of homosexual group sex.

9. [+35, -3] Jay Park was so popular back then... They could've kept him but they kicked him out right away. JYP is strict indeed.

10. [+28, -8] He had a lot of rumors like getting a JYP artist pregnant, raping someone, etc... Does anybody know the reason?

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