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Articles on Seungri's car accident found with flaws after YG fails to press charges on reporter

Reporter K was accused of falsely exaggerating Seungri's car accident in 2014 by writing that Seungri drove under the influence, claiming that the reason for the accident was most likely due to drunk driving.

Article in September, 2014:
The police commented on the rumors of drunk driving: "We did a sobriety test at the spot. He was not drunk at all. Speed driving is the key point. He admitted to be the one that caused the accident, so it will be fully covered by insurance."

Today's article:

The judge ruled that the word 'pharmacy' alone cannot be used to assume that the reporter tried to make the company sound like it was producing drugs. As to Seungri's car accident, a sobriety test did not take place so there is no proof if he really was under the influence or not. Also, the reporter claimed that he did not make up the news, but received the information from an associate working in the car accident industry. Therefore, it cannot be said that the reporter falsely exaggerated in the articles. Ultimately, the reporter cannot be charged for defamation of character, and has been found not guilty.


Pann: The truth of Seungri's car accident

1. [+233, -22] Last year, there were accounts that said Seungri drank before driving. So it's true that Seungri left the ambulance without doing a sobriety test.

2. [+231, -31] So scary... As expected of YG

3. [+171, -18] He must've left the ambulance without doing a sobriety test and took the test when he was summoned later. A lot of people use this trick to earn some time. You get into an accident, get on an ambulance, run away, and take a sobriety test when you're not drunk anymore. His sobriety test didn't happen at the spot. It happened at a police station when he was summoned to be investigated.

4. [+115, -11] It's interesting that he's still able to appear on broadcast after one night stand and speed driving.

5. [+99, -1] VIP-roaches, stop downvoting this and try to refute instead. Oh well, these bitches even manipulate votes.

6. [+85, -18] So we're free to call YG pharmacy since the court said it's not defamation of character ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+75, -43] He takes a picture of himself in police uniform after speed driving. Goosebumps....

8. [+67, -10] Honestly, the video of him speed driving would be even more scary if he wasn't drunk. Do you think someone with a sane mind would drive like that?

9. [+66, -5] He should've been careful after Daesung's incident, tsk tsk. How can he drink and drive as a fellow member?

10. [+61, -7] Drugs, one night stands, and car accidents aren't as controversial because they're Bigbang

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