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Rapping: BI vs Jooheon

Pann: Objectively, who do you think is better at rapping?

1. [+221, -149] BI wins

2. [+156, -271] BI: "Go ahead and try if you're jealous! Relaxing as someone well-off, so... Yo yo yo everybody!! That's right I forgot the lyrics but~!

3. [+132, -26] It's random but I heard that Zico and Jooheon have a similar rapping style so I listened to their mixtapes but they didn't sound similar ㅋㅋ

4. [+75, -3] I'm not a fan but Jooheon and BI both have good flows, delivery, and diction. Both are good.

5. [+67, -23] Doesn't BI write all of his raps? BI.

6. [+52, -74] Why are you comparing him to a Zico copycat

7. [+45, -4] Don't summon Hanbin to this kind of topic

8. [+42, -7] Listen to BI's rap, he's improved! He fixed his breathing habit from Show Me The Money. His live is honestly so good.

9. [+36, -20] First of all, I don't know who Jooheon is

10. [+34, -12] I was surprised at how good Jooheon was

11. [+30, -53] Poor Jooheon, how can he be compared to BI when he's obviously better than BI?

12. [+30, -41] Jooheon? I'm not interested in a nugu

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