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Are Mamamoo's stage manners "over the top"?

Pann: Do you think Mamamoo is over the top these days?

1. [+257, -30] I think Mamamoo feels pressured. They got popular by their jokes on the stage during Um Oh Ah Yeh promotions, so they have this "We must be doing jokes on the stage" pressure.

2. [+238, -23] I'm a Moomoo, let me clarify the gif. She wasn't smelling her armpit. Hwasa was doing a sexy dance with her arms up and Wheein was standing up at the same time and her face just went there for a moment. They're not always beagle like that.

3. [+204, -55] I like it. It's actually refreshing to see a group like this.

4. [+139, -41] They're over the top... I liked it at first but they kept doing it, so...

5. [+101, -2] They're charming but sometimes they look over the top and so-so.

6. [+72, -26] What about Hani who burbs on broadcast?

7. [+67, -22] I like it though ㅋㅋ It's better than other celebrities who fake their image. They're just a different kind of girl group. They're not over the top.

8. [+65, -11] It would've been funny if they did that on a variety show but it looks off to see it on a public channel music show.

9. [+59, -18] I liked them at first but now I find them unappealing because I can see that they're trying to push this "girl crush" image. It looks cool when they're not aware of it... They're over the top on the stage.

10. [+58, -19] I think they're over the top

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