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Lee Guk Joo's sexual harassment

Kissed a magician on Star King without his consent

Touched Jo Jung Chi's butt several times

"I touched his butt and it's sagging"

Covered Yang Se Hyung's eyes and kissed him

She forced Kim Jong Kook to kiss her. When he went for her cheek, she turned her face and made him kiss on her lips.

Used a cellphone while driving

+ Ra Miran also kissed Eric Nam


Pann: Wow, Lee Guk Joo's sexual harassment is crazy

1. [+571, -6] She takes an advantage from her body because if someone curses at a fat person, people will say, "You're cursing at a fat person? You're a trash!" She thinks she can get away with it because she's fat.

2. [+415, -12] She's really so-so ㅋㅋ I think it was Seo Kang Joon? She told an actor not to contact any other actresses. And when she wrote a letter to him, she said, "my love Kang Joon" and said it was OK because he's her dongsaeng. Unlikeable.

3. [+410, -7] She's probably doing this to be funny but it's not funny at all. It's only gross.

4. [+232, -4] Lee Guk Joo is becoming more unlikeable because her words don't match her actions and she's a really jealous person. When she said that she pretends to be with a friend when ordering food, I thought she was making it up to be funny. But on I Live Alone, she looked uncomfortable whenever she was eating and she kept acting like she was with a friend. I realized that she actually cares about others. And she eats too hastily. Kim Joon Hyun eats pleasantly but Lee Guk Joo shovels the food, so her mukbang doesn't look tempting. She has low self-esteem but she acts like she has high self-esteem, that's why her words don't add up and even Seo Jang Hoon calls her out. Not only that she has low self-esteem, but she's also really jealous and insecure. She acts cool but she mentions other female celebrities' plastic surgery to bring them down. On Roommate, she wore thick makeup but she asked Nana and Sunny why they were putting makeup on for men. What's gross is not fat people, it's people like her. She acts like she has high self-esteem and she thinks what she does is cool but what others do is fox actions. It was so uncomfortable to see her on 1N2D. She wore a short skirt and I could see her butt. If Jang Do Yeon wore the skirt, Lee Guk Joo would've called her cheap and would've told her not to flirt around like that. People don't realize that Lee Guk Joo flirts, her behavior is really flirty. But she calls out other women for flirting. I stopped listening to her radio because I could see her insecurity. Those with high self-esteem are Kim Min Kyung and Hong Yoon Hwa. They don't try to be funny by mentioning their fat bodies. Instead, they show their true self. Their self-esteem is much higher than hers.

5. [+144, -78] She's becoming unlikeable

6. [+133, -3] She lectures people that fat people should be proud instead of feeling ashamed but when she orders food, she pretends to be with friends because she's embarrassed to eat. She's unlikeable nowadays.

7. [+124, -3] This is severe enough to make someone expelled... If an idol did that, they would've been expelled already. It's not issued because she's a comedian.

8. [+122, -2] Hul, this is insane... I can't imagine how shameful and disgusted the men were.

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