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Lay gets excluded in the limited editions of EXO fans

Lay is excluded in the limited editions of EXO fans


Pann: Lay is practically out of EXO

1. [+376, -78] It'll increase EXO's average visual

2. [+356, -72] Love OT8

3. [+350, -26] Lay is unpopular in EXO. So if he leaves, he'll end up like Tao, unlike Luhan and Kris. SM isn't trying to earn something from Lay, he's just a tool for the Chinese market. He's basically withdrawn from the group but they're still keeping their contract because it's a win-win situation. It's likely that Lay's private workshop told SM not to sell things with Lay's face on them. Or the financial division is disadvantaged for SM, so they probably didn't even bother making his. He's not a step from withdrawing, he already withdrew technically. They just agreed not to drag it to lawsuits.

4. [+205, -8] SM should've debuted only Korean kids in the first place

5. [+174, -11] The members don't mention Lay at awards, they've given up already. And even if they do mention him, what should they say? Should they say, "Lay isn't in group promotions because of his individual promotions~ Please support his Chinese promotions~"? It's awkward to see him in a group photo. It's all Lay's fault, don't blame OT8 fans. Or he should focus on group promotions. I don't even remember the last time he did a group promotion. I thought EXO was OT9 until the end but I dislike him a lot now. What's the point of official 9 members when only 8 members promote? I'm only going to support the members in group promotions.

6. [+162, -12] All he needs to do is to remember his own parts... What wrongdoing did other members do to be remembering all versions of OT8 and OT9 stages?

7. [+150, -9] I'm not a fan but EXO should've gone with 8 members in the first place. They still would've been a top group. It's a pity, it only hurt the members. I'm still amazed at how EXO-L's fandom power became stronger after the withdrawals ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do well, EXO.

8. [+148, -13] No matter how much OT9 bugs bullshit, OT8 members won a daesang

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