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GFriend, Mamamoo, and Twice representing '4th generation of girl groups'

1st generation: SES, Fin.K.L, etc
2nd generation: Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Kara
3rd generation: 2NE1, 4Minute, Sistar, Miss A
4th generation: GFriend, Twice, Mamamoo

Girly girl groups: SNSD(2007) - Apink(2011) - GFriend(2015)
Trendy/talented girl groups: Brown Eyed Girls(2006) - Sistar(2010) - Mamamoo(2014)


Article: [Overload of girl groups] GFriend, Mamamoo &Twice, the force of 4th gen girl groups

Source: Herald Economics via Naver

1. [+3266, -393] Mamamoo's I Miss You is a really good song

2. [+2932, -420] Twice has 12 CFs, daebak. I like all Twice members but Momo is especially so cute. Also hwaiting, Mamamoo. Melting is daebak.

3. [+2571, -318] Mamamoo is a talented group that follows Brown Eyed Girls. Do well!

4. [+2034, -266] Mamamoo's You're The Best is so good!!

5. [+2237, -359] I think Twice will be more daebak in the future. Do well, Twice kids.

6. [+481, -45] I like how Twice, GFriend, and Mamamoo have different concepts

7. [+433, -45] Twice is pretty. Mamamoo is charming. GFriend is bright. All are gems.

8. [+246, -24] Twice belongs in the trendy line, not the girly line

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