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DAY6 Junhyeok's last stage + He knew his withdrawal beforehand?

Instiz: [JYP] Video of a kicked out DAY6 member crying

- I feel bad watching the video but it was his fault to share his schedule with his girlfriend. He violated his contract so there wasn't a choice...

- He worked so hard to debut, he should've continued to work hard without losing his roots... Honestly, dating news are the biggest issue for idols but he hinted it in obvious ways and made fans upset. Obviously, the company wouldn't have liked how a rookie was causing controversies like that.

- This is my most favorite song and his parts were my most favorite. It's a pity that I'll have to listen to the digital track to hear his voice but I can see how hurt his fans are. His 5 years of training is a waste...

- JYP still renewed Sunye's contract after she got married. There must be some other reasons, not just his relationship.

- Other companies shield their idols from controversies but JYP is too harsh... They haven't changed.

- I can see him not being able to control his facial expressions

- He must've known that this is his last stage, tsk tsk

Junhyeok: "Let two of us solve this situation. Even if legal actions follow, both of us will solve this. If there's a fine, we will pay together. It's the most realistic decision. But I'm a celebrity and I'm known to people. I had to pretend to ignore you outside. Please understand me... Or am I bad?"

Girlfriend: "OK. Tell me if there's anything else that I need to be cautious of."

Junhyeok: "I'm not sure if legal actions will follow, but..."


Instiz: DAY6 Junhyeok's Kakaotalk shows that he already knew his withdrawal

- Junhyeok-ah, I really hope you'd marry her

- I heard that his girlfriend sent this chat to her acquaintance and they revealed the chat

- Why did his girlfriend reveal the Facebook message, Instagram DM, and this?

- Junhyeok is funny but his girlfriend is just as funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's revealing everything~

- I think they're talking about the possibility of JYP suing her

- She revealed this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I would've fainted out of anger if I was a fan of Junhyeok

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