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TOP 8 idol songs recommended by lyricist Kim Eana

Lyricist Kim Eana (wrote Abracadabra, Sign, etc)

Shinhwa - I Pray 4 U
At that time, Shinhwa was the first 'macho-dols', so their lyricism in the song was more refreshing. The song also made me realize that Minwoo had a sweet vocal color.

Sechs Kies - Couple
From what I remember, this was the very first song that a male singer appeared to be 'pale and pretty' in a music video. It's one of the songs that represent the 90's and many people still sing this song.

BoA - Maybe... Maybe Not?!
I'm a big fan of Yoon Sang, so I bought the CD when the album was released. Park Chang Hak's unique and heavy message is in the song but BoA, who was young at the time, still pulled off the lyrics. Besides, it's Yoon Sang's song that doesn't need explanations.

Infinite - White Confession
This is Infinite's best song for me. I really like Sweetune's vibes of 'sad feelings of young boys'. Every Infinite member's voice sounds the most charming in this song. I thought Sunggyu was the only good singer but it turned out that Woohyun was also good!

Boyfriend - I'll Be There
It's a song that has 'fresh but sad' emotions, which I like the most. I listened to it on a street and I really liked it, so I used an app to find out the name of the song. Of course, it's Sweetune's work!

SHINee - Aside
This song is always on my playlist. When someone says, "Why do you listen to idol songs? Old songs are the best", I make them listen to this song. It never failed to impress them.

Girls' Generation - Express 999
I wondered, "Who is the genius that wrote this song?" and looked up. It was Kenzi. No wonder...

Bigbang - Monster
I thought of choosing other song because this song is too much of a hit song, but I just couldn't exclude this song for this topic. The music video, lyrics, and song formed a trinity. Orchestra is ignored in idol music because of its old sounds, but since this song, it started to appear frequently. I'm thankful as a fan of string music.


Instiz: TOP 8 idol songs recommended by lyricist Kim Eana

- Aside makes me fall asleep easier

- I listen to White Confession every Christmas

- Kim Eana is so pretty...

- Monster ㅠㅠ Honestly, all Bigbang's songs are legendary.

- I Pray 4 U was an opening song of Inuyasha!

- So happy to see that SNSD is the only girl group mentioned ㅠㅠ Express 999 is a good song!

- Boyfriend has a lot of good hidden songs

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