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Eunhyuk becomes controversial for posting photos of his overseas vacation

Pann: Is Eunhyuk really a soldier?

1. [+252, -152] What an idiot. Can't he just stay off of SNS when he's a soldier? Does he want to show off that he has an easy military life or something? He's asking for hate.

2. [+207, -152] Why does he post this on SNS? Is he that thoughtless?

3. [+175, -139] Really unlikeable

4. [+91, -16] It's not illegal, why do you care so much about someone's vacation?

5. [+87, -62] Super Junior members are born with the skill of attracting hate. He wouldn't have gotten hate if he didn't post it. Why did he have to ㅋㅋ

6. [+79, -8] I get that you're desperate to bash him but it's nothing to bash. It's not problematic at all.

7. [+69, -1] Eunhyuk went on a vacation. You can go on an overseas vacation if you get permission from the department. You can also wear your own clothes and use SNS. An article said that Eunhyuk did an overseas performance, used his cellphone, and wore his own clothes, but it's not true. Eunhyuk's unit is located in Wonju and they have domestic schedules only. I don't understand why Eunhyuk gets hate for unnecessary things.

8. [+68, -47] The reason why Eunhyuk is getting hate is because he's not even doing hard services like GOP or artillery. He's in a military band which is said to be the easiest service but he's acting like a soldier. On top of that, he posts these photos on his SNS, of course people would be pissed off. Military bands are considered as the second version of celebrity soldiers and it's controversial because people are arguing that they should get rid of it.

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