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[Abnormal Summit] Westerners don't use an umbrella when it rains?

Q) In Ireland, people don't use an umbrella when it rains?

SSK: "In Korea, there's even this saying, "Avoid the first rain." After a rain, a car gets really dirty. Koreans tend to avoid rain and we think we will lose hair."

Tyler: "In Korea, a lot of people told me to be careful because I'll lose hair by rain."

Q) So Irish people don't use an umbrella?

Cillian: "It rains in Ireland often. It's usually a short rain so we don't really need to use an umbrella."

(People in raincoats)

Cillian: "There must be umbrellas, but people don't use them generally."

Andreas: "When I'm at overseas, I don't use an umbrella. When I'm in Korea, I always use one. Greek people never use umbrellas."

Tyler: "Americans don't really use umbrellas, either."


Pann: Westerners don't understand Asians when they wear umbrellas

1. [+20, -0] They'll use one if it's a heavy and windy rain

2. [+10, -0] After going overseas, I understood why they don't use umbrellas. A lot of times, it's ambiguous to use an umbrella. It rains, stops, rains, stops, and repeats. I felt pathetic for holding an umbrella. So I put my umbrella in a trunk and then it started pouring, ugh.

- Europe, especially in Britain, it's fine to walk in a raincoat when it rains. But in Asia, the rains are really heavy. So if you don't use one, even your underwear gets wet. When it rains, it's wise to stay home in Asia. But in Europe, the rain is light enough to walk around.

- Foreigners also use umbrellas. Just go to Britain, people use them, although more people don't.
- It pisses me off when my ironed hair gets ruined by rain

- You'll understand if you live in Europe. They also don't care if someone uses one.

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