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A Korean international student gets humiliated on a French audition show

A Korean international student Kim Dukhwan started off by introducing himself in Korean and then in French. One of the judges, Joey Starr, made fun of his name and said his name was hard to pronounce. He also asked sarcastically, "Are you gonna sing Gangnam Style since you're Korean?" 

As soon as Kim started singing 'Non je ne regrette rien', the judges started laughing. One of the judges stopped him from singing and said, "You have the same neck as us but you sound weird as if food is stuck inside of you." Despite the humiliation, Kim finished his audition with good manners.


Instiz: French audition judges who humiliated a Korean international student

- Makes me so mad... They must be so happy to have names that are easy to pronounce then.

- No wonder why they say France is Europe's China

- I heard that the judges are not even liked by the local people

- Why are they acting like this when they have same brain as us?

- They don't think they'll sound funny if they sing in Korean?

- I hope they fall and break their teeth in front of a large crowd

- Congrats on embarrassing your country, judges

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