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Winner and YG artists' mistreatment

Winner's case:

1) A rookie group released one album in 3 years. 570 days of hiatus.

2) No variety show appearances on public broadcast. You have to pay for BTS and practice videos.

3) Their debut was delayed for 10 months. Their next comeback has been delayed since November.

4) Fooled the fans.
- In November last year, Yang Hyun Suk asked fans on Instagram if they missed Winner. After a few days, Winner comeback was announced to be delayed and Inner Circles started a boycott. YG sold DVDs after posting a picture with a date on it.
- 5 DVDs
- Tried to lower Winner's results
- A lot of article baits


Pann: Reasons why YG is legendary

1. [+189, -9] I know Winner fans are upset but I feel more bad for Lee Hi and AkMu. Winner has a lot of fans so they can boycott and speak up, but Lee Hi and AkMu has public recognition rather than fandoms. So their fans don't comment on articles and their fandom power is too weak.

2. [+181, -6] AkMu has it worse... AkMu's first album was released earlier than Winner. At least Winner is said to comeback in January. AkMu is still in talks, the plan says. No solution.

3. [+123, -7] Yang Hyun Suk brags and attacks other companies but he pretends like he didn't do anything~ It seems that AkMu won't release an album until Soohyun becomes an adult. Winner is good on variety shows but YG doesn't have any thoughts on TV show promotions. They also have bad relationships with a lot of broadcast stations. When the artists have a comeback, they only perform on 1~2 music shows ㅋㅋ It's not even for long. What a legendary company ^^

4. [+42, -1] I was gonna stay quiet because there are a lot of idol fans here but how can you say AkMu doesn't matter because they're young? I'm a fan who's worried that their young emotions won't be in their music anymore because this era will be gone. Digital single? Did they even promote the song? What do I have to watch to see the live stage of the song? Then we should say Song Mino released more songs. Don't ignore AkMu like that.

5. [+42, -16] I also feel bad for Lee Hi and AkMu but the reason why Winner fans are more anxious is because they're a boy group who released only one album and their ages are not that young ㅠㅠ Jinwoo was 23 on WIN but he's 26 this year. Lee Hi and AkMu still has many years but not Winner ㅠㅠ

6. [+38, -16] Are they really the winner of the survival? What's with the treatment they're getting? Also AkMu.

7. [+29, -33] Winner fans need to stop whining. There are more pitiful artists in YG. Stop swearing on Yang Hyun Suk's Instagram.

8. [+29, -3] Everybody shut up, Bigbang's case is the worst. They're treated like a cash cow. They started at a basement before Bigbang did well and 80% of their earnings are from Bigbang. They earned 150 billion won from the world tour but Seungri got less than 2 billion won. I hope Yang Hyun Suk dies~ There's no other gem like GD, stop media playing about second Bigbang or whatsoever.

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