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Upcoming TVN dramas


"Our time is connected."
A desperate signal (walkie-talkie) from the past gets sent to the present and connects detectives in the past and the present. They re-investigate old unsolved crimes!

Dear My Friends (temporary name) (after Memory)

- Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, and Sung Dong Il will make special appearances

"It's not over. We're still alive."
Drama that portrays the life anthem of the youth of the old.

Memory (after Signal)

Lawyer Park Tae Suk gets Alzheimer's disease. He sets up his final defense and puts the rest of his life on a bet. He loses his memories but he tries to protect the values of his life and family until the end.

Man Who Plays a Pipe (after Cheese in the Trap)

Era of no communication. The negotiation team tries to solve the problems by talking and communicating despite many situations they face. The drama suggests a solution to how the society should deal with conflicts.

Good Wife

- The female lead is very likely to be Jeon Do Yeon

A successful prosecutor husband gets arrested for political scandals and corruptions. His wife, who quit her lawyer job after getting married, returns to her position in 13 years to feed the family. As a lawyer again, she finds her true identity. The drama is about court investigation.


Instiz: Upcoming TVN dramas in 2016 that would hit daebak

- I'm so looking forward to Signal

- The lineup for Signal is amazing but the preview didn't seem to be that promising though

- I always anticipate to watch TVN and OCN's dramas

- Hul, Good Wife... Are they making a Korean version from the original American drama?

- I want TVN awards

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