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Teen Top wins #1 on 'The Show'

Pann: Teen Top's first win!

1. [+109, -72] If I have a son, I'll raise him freely. If I have a daughter, I'll cage and hit her because it's dangerous out there. ^^

2. [+100, -72] If I have a daughter, I'll hit her and raise her. ^^

3. [+71, -22] It's been a long time. I hope their current promotions leave an impact. Their last comeback also won #1 but it was buried. I wish they do well this time.

4. [+25, -12] They won #1, do you guys have to be like that? Can't you just let it go? CAP was 19 when he said the statement. He was young and he reflected. I know that time doesn't solve everything and it's a big mistake but he's always reflecting. From now on, every post about Teen Top will get these comments. Are you gonna do the same with other idols with controversial statements? I don't think so. Angels worked so hard for this win and we're tired from streaming. I'm not happy to see such comments on #1 article.

5. [+23, -3] It's a Teen Top article, not CAP. How mean ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+19, -2] I became a fan in grade 5 and I'm already in high school. Time flies. Congrats on #1 ㅠㅠ

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