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Popularity of six rookie groups in real life




Oh My Girl




Pann: Popularity of rookie groups in real life

1. [+114, -26] From what I see, it's iKON/Twice > GFriend > Seventeen/Lovelyz > Oh My Girl. They're doing well for rookies.

2. [+98, -14] Twice's Ooh Ahh was performed at a school festival and the reactions were daebak. I liked Closer and sang it everyday ㅋㅋ When iKON's song plays, everybody shouts, "Rhythm Ta!!" or "dumb and dumber!!!" ㅋㅋㅋ Most people know iKON's songs. People also sing GFriend's songs and do the dance.

3. [+95, -24] My class really hates GFriend but they sing the songs everyday. We also performed GFriend at a festival. Yuju seems to be likeable to people. Everybody sings along Lovelyz's song but they're not interested in the group. A lot of people sing Ah Choo. For Oh My Girl, only one person in my class likes them and she's a fan of B1A4. I don't need to mention iKON ㅋㅋ Seventeen is getting good responses. For some reason, Twice isn't mentioned. I've seen some people singing Ooh Ahh but they're not mentioned.

4. [+60, -57] 9 out of 10 know iKON, Twice, and GFriend. Seventeen and Oh My Girl are known by 2 out of 10.

5. [+57, -8] Twice and iKON has the most fans and are the most popular.

6. [+44, -6] I'm a university student and I feel like a grandma ㅋㅋ I only know iKON, Twice, and GFriend.

7. [+42, -1] Tzuyu is so popular. Boys in my school are dying for Tzuyu. For boy groups, iKON's songs are really popular. Even boys sing to Rhythm Ta.

8. [+38, -5] For popularity, Twice and iKON are walls. GFriend is literally known by everyone. Not sure about Seventeen and Oh My Girl.

9. [+38, -12] Seventeen must be popular by middle school students. My friends don't even know them.

10. [+37, -2] Twice and iKON are very popular. I was looking at a chart at a coin karaoke and Twice's song was in top 10. Bigbang was the only idol group that was ranked higher than Twice. The chart was full of singers like Lim Chang Jung, Park Hyo Shin, Buzz, Big Mama, and Hyuk Oh. It's an amazing achievement.

11. [+25, -2] I'm in university and Twice and iKON are the most popular. GFriend is not that popular but they have big recognition. Not a single person knows Seventeen and Oh My Girl.

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