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Stellar's new teaser images

Pann: Did you see new teaser images of Stellar?

1. [+333, -10] Crazy, this is shocking. I pity Stellar. It's random but I want the Peko underwear.

2. [+261, -7] I have the same underwear... I have it in every color.

3. [+204, -25] Someone got a lot of hate for doing lolita but they're still doing this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's honestly dirty.

4. [+83, -3] There's exposure but isn't that a lolita concept? It's not something that humans should do...

5. [+66, -6] They're too much... It's dirty, not sexy.

6. [+65, -3] They should just disband. If they were meant to get popular, they should be popular already. Stellar is hopeless. They don't have good music, they don't have good visuals, they don't have talents, and they're not young. Twice and GFriend debuted later than Stellar but they're much popular and talented.

7. [+64, -14] They should change their company. Why are they staying in the same company when they're having a hard time?

8. [+57, -37] So what? Hyuna rolls around in her music video.

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