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Chinese OT5 Cassies demand iKON to stop using red on bus ads

"TVXQ has been using pearl red as the official color since December 26, 2003. Hoobae-nims, please respect it!!"

The buses are being driven around iKON's concert and in Seoul

Bus stop ad

There are also ads in cafes


Pann: iKON is having a concert soon and this is what Chinese  OT5 Cassies are doing

1. [+209, -51] Why are they doing this at the concert? The fans will be upset if they see this. They're at the concert to see their bias, not this.

2. [+204, -50] In front of the concert... that's too much. It's not like iKON fans chose red.

3. [+191, -49] How do they expect us fans and iKON to respect the color? iKON's color is not even pearl red. Do we have to protest in front of YG building or something? We filed complaints but YG didn't do anything. We did our job as fans so it's the company's responsibility. Do they have to do this at the concert?

4. [+88, -5] When YG first introduced Konbat, the color was ruby with some yellow shades. But it looked red on the broadcast so iKONICs filed complaints to YG, but all they said was, "talk to the design team." So we did and the design team said, "we don't know because the fanclub chose the color." Does this make sense? They don't even answer the phone calls and the workers are not there. We're talking to a wall. I understand how Cassies feel but we also tried our best and it's not like we chose red. Why did they have to do this when iKON members can also see them. We're sorry to Cassies and upset with YG. We're just frustrated...

5. [+80, -26] Am I the only one who thinks using a same color is fine? I think it's okay as long as the lightstick is a different shape.

6. [+80, -6] If they did this to my bias, I can't imagine how angry I'd be ㅋㅋㅋ

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