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Seoul Music Awards: Monsta X's similarity to BAP, BTOB & iKON & SHINee, Hani

Monsta X's stage compared to BAP's

Monsta X


Monsta X


Monsta X



Pann: Rookie idol group whose stage was too similar today

1. [+297, -8] Monsta X's fandom name is Monbebe but the idols also call them by 'baby' or 'Monbeb'. BAP's fandom is Baby and they're also called 'beb'. I really want a feedback to this.

2. [+287, -1] Aren't Babies really quiet this time? Their stage got plagiarized and their fandom name is also almost similar. Demanding a feedback is necessary.

3. [+218, -1] Monsta X's chant is really similar to BAP's chants in Ta Dah. BAP's chant is "B hoo A hoo P hoo" and you have to hit the ground when you say "hoo". Monsta X hits the ground first and says "hoo". What the fuck am I saying?

4. [+85, -2] Above is BTOB and below is Monsta X. Isn't it totally similar?


Pann: BTOB, iKON, and SHINee had the best live stages

1. [+122, -17] It's true ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I thought they removed the MR when iKON and SHINee were performing. It was live.

2. [+110, -10] I felt bad because BTOB members' vocals didn't seem to be in good condition

3. [+97, -8] BTOB seemed to have bad vocal conditions but did well. How amazing are they actually?

4. [+70, -8] iKON though ㅋㅋ I see why Yang Hyun Suk likes them so much

5. [+65, -5] I'm a non-fan who watched Mix & Match. iKON members' vocals are really ruined these days but they did well


Pann: What's with Hani?

1. [+394, -83] Her crying didn't look good, it could've been laughed off. She doesn't look like she'd have a good social life.

2. [+355, -61] It's not her fault but is she on broadcast without even being prepared for it? It's not like she didn't expected it. Every idol with dating news gets joked like this. Jun Hyun Moo's joke wasn't something cruel. Because Hani cried, Jun Hyun Moo became someone who just made a shameless joke.

3. [+330, -52] I understand how Hani feels but it didn't look professional

4. [+109, -11] Other celebrities laugh it off when they get mentioned about their lovers. It wasn't right for her to harden her facial expression and cry. I was so confused when she later said she was proud of Kim Junsu when no one even asked her. Other celebrities also get hateful comments when they have dating news. Hani actually got much more supporting comments.

5. [+107, -27] She honestly went too far with crying ㅋㅋ Sulli, who doesn't control her emotions on the stage, is younger than Hani but she never cried like that. Sulli needs to be evaluated.

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