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Monsta X wins 'Next Generation Award' at Golden Disk Awards

Pann: 2015's unlikable idols

1. [+196, -22] They're not unlikable, we just don't care

2. [+154, -75] What are you doing to hard-working rookies?

3. [+142, -34] Starship is promoting Monsta X more than Boyfriend. What the hell is a 'next generation award'? It's obvious that the award was made up for Monsta X.

4. [+110, -57] Unlikable idols are those that smoke week, pay money between fingers, shout at fans, and the gynecologist-dol.

5. [+46, -31] You're the only one who finds them unlikable

6. [+39, -10] It's true. At Seoul Music Awards, iKON, GFriend, and Seventeen won rookie awards and Monsta X won dance performance award ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They made a nonsense award for Monsta X. There's a plenty of other groups that should've won the performance award, like EXO or BTS.

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