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Idols that got a lot of hate last year







Pann: Idols that got a lot of hate last year

1. [+324, -24] EXO... Someone asked, "who's going to guest on this show?" and a comment said, "EXO will!" It got a lot of downvotes ㅋㅋ I think it just became a habit.

2. [+194, -40] It was like iKON's anti cafe

3. [+150, -133] Lovelyz? You must be a fan of Lovelyz. Seolhyun had it 10 times worse.

4. [+89, -1] EXO, BTS, and iKON are popular in real life. They're the most popular ones with high school students. That's why people hate on them.

5. [+59, -25] Honestly, Lovelyz is not even a trend ㅋㅋ Other listed idols are trends but Lovelyz is just another rookie group.

6. [+58, -1] BTS started to get hate because of sajaegi rumors, not because of the popularity of I Need U. The sajaegi rumors flew, rude fans spoke the loudest, and BTS became a target for everyone. That's why the loser incident also got bigger. VIPs actually found it cute but non-fans made a fuss about it. It all started from the sajaegi rumors.

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