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2015 Oricon physical chart of K-Pop artists

Pann: 2015 Oricon annual physical ranking of K-Pop artists

1. [+271, -37] Look at GodXo's debut class

2. [+143, -28] I love you GodBang ㅠㅠ
(tn: it's talking about TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

3. [+133, -16] TVXQ is considered as domestic artists in Japan. I finally see what they mean.

4. [+65, -0] This is the total chart of K-Pop artists

5. [+50, -24] BTS four times? Am I seeing this right? I didn't expect this ㅠㅠ Their ranks are not that high but I'm so touched.

6. [+34, -7] So where are Bigbang-roaches who claimed that Bigbang's international popularity beats EXO? ^^

7. [+33, -0] Hul, 2PM is unexpected. I expected TVXQ.

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