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"Idol rivals" have disappeared in current idol culture?

Well-known idol rivals

SES vs Fin.K.L

HOT vs Sechs Kies

Shinhwa vs god

TVXQ vs Super Junior vs SS501

Jewelry vs Brown Eyed Girls

Seeya vs CSJH

SNSD vs Wonder Girls

2PM vs B2ST vs SHINee vs MBLAQ


Instiz: This has disappeared in modern idol culture

- The era of the five greatest fandoms...

- These days, the media try to make them rivals but the fans want them to be friends

- There's still competitions though

- It's because there are too many idols now. The fandoms are very divided.

- In the past, every fan neglected all idols except their bias ㅋㅋ Nowadays, fans love all groups

- Because there was a limited number of idols debuting in each year and it was easy to make them rivals. But there are too many groups debuting now.

- B2ST vs MBLAQ are the last rivals I can remember

- That legendary DongSu501 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Memories... They're disappearing to the military one by one...

- SNSD vs Wonder Girls was strong

- SHINee and 2PM got a lot of comparisons because their concepts were completely opposite. "SHINee is milk and 2PM is soju."

- It was BAP vs EXO in 2012...... ㅠㅠ

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