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Boy group songs that did well in 2015?

Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang

I Need U - BTS

Gotta Go To Work - B2ST

Manse - Seventeen

View - SHINee

My Type - iKON

It's Okay - BTOB

Call Me Baby - EXO

Zero For Conduct - Block B Bastarz

Chained Up - VIXX


Pann: Subjective list of boy group songs that did well in 2015

1. [+228, -92] I honestly don't think B2ST's new song did well. Chained Up didn't do well for non-fans, it was popular with stans only.

2. [+141, -73] We're not talking about digital sales, why mention digital sales here? I Need U and Gotta Go To Work are hits, aren't they?

3. [+56, -12] Honestly, if a nugu group like Monsta X sang Bang Bang Bang, the song would've flopped

4. [+55, -110] Manse, I Need U, Chained Up, and Gotta Go To Work flopped on digital chart. How can they be considered successful?

5. [+51, -7] Yeah, our YeY promotions didn't do well but it won #1 a few times. Gotta Go To Work was a pre-release but it won #1 on a music show. Ugh, B2ST is getting hate again.

6. [+43, -18] My Type is the most successful one but I personally really like Airplane

7. [+40, -7] If we're considering Manse a hit just because it sold a lot physically, then we should also consider Infinite's Bad a hit, too

8. [+34, -64] I Need U, Manse, Gotta Go To Work, and Chained Up are not even on annual top 100

9. [+29, -9] Honestly, Manse and Chained Up didn't do well

10. [+20, -3] Chained Up and Manse can't be on this list. And instead of Zero For Conduct, we should put Zico's song instead.

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