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[ADMIN] Bots are being used to manipulate likes in comment section

I've been noticing that some comments are being hugely upvoted by bots. I don't want to hire mods but I want to ask for help.

If you see a comment that got upvoted by these 'auto-generated' names (see the photo below), please downvote the comment without replying to it. Replying to the comments will only "feed the troll" and mess up the discussion. If a comment gets dislikes, it gets placed lower and lower in the comment section. That way, we can push the manipulated comments to the bottom of the discussion.

I was told that it's not specific individuals' comments that are manipulated, it's random comments that these bot users agree with. If I do spot a specific individual, I will blacklist the person. If your innocent comment gets upvoted by bots, sorry but your comment will still have to go away.

(Bot names are easy to recognize)

Thanks guys.

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