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Zico's 'Boys and Girls' on the chart

Pann: None of the boy groups can beat Zico

(Zico's song has been on the chart for a long time and boy groups like iKON and BTS haven't surpassed him yet.)

1. [+93, -5] Even Block B can't beat him

2. [+69, -2] The real digital monster is Lim Chang Jung

3. [+69, -9] Digital sales are either huge fandom or public recognition. Zico has a lot of fans, too. Men tend to avoid idol songs but not Zico's. They actually praise him and his songs are good. BTS is still lacking but they grew a lot!

4. [+19, -1] It's not like they can't beat Zico, Zico is just doing amazingly well. Not beating Zico makes you a nugu and flop? Stop worrying about others' digital sales

5. [+18, -1] Why are people looking down on Zico? It's an idol solo without any broadcast promotions but it's still in top 10. Isn't it amazing enough? Honestly, other boy groups are not doing as well as Zico on the chart. It's a fact.

6. [+16, -5] It's still Lim Chang Jung >>> Zico

7. [+15, -11] But all of BTS's b-sides were on the chart and I Need U is sometimes on the chart. Reply, PSY, and rappers are strong competitors. BTS is right behind them, it's good enough.

8. [+14, -0] If God Chang Jung released his song at the beginning of the year, it would've been #1 song of the year. Zico is amazing for competing against God Chang Jung and so is iKON. Naul and God Chang Jung are seriously amazing singers.

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