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Recognized boy groups & survived rookie groups in 2015





Pann: Top 3 boy groups that got recognized in 2015

1. [+264, -12] BTOB, BTS, and Seventeen indeed got recognized in 2015. iKON got recognized since WIN and Mix & Match.

2. [+159, -509] BTOB isn't even getting much responses ㅋㅋ Melodies must love package deals

3. [+147, -469] I agree except BTOB

4. [+140, -3] I go to a girls' high school. In the beginning of the year, BTOB was so popular because of Who Are You. In the middle of the year, BTS and Seventeen joined the trend line ㅋㅋ The three groups are super popular. The whole class turned on It's Okay and sang the song before summer break started. Before winter break, we sang Run ㅋㅋ We also sand Manse a lot. Those three groups are liked by my class without divided opinions.

5. [+106, -2] I'm not a fan but how big does the recognition have to be if you say BTOB is not getting responses? ㅋㅋ Three members are in dramas, their digital sales got better, and they're permanent members on a public channel show.

6. [+69, -0] It's definitely true that the three groups got recognized. The numbers of BTOB and BTS fans increased a lot. Seventeen got many new fans despite iKON.







Pann: Top 4 rookie groups that survived in 2015

1. [+95, -15] I watched Running Man and saw why Bobby is popular ㅋㅋ These four groups are still young, they'll get more popular in the future.

2. [+87, -10] Only if iKON didn't lose the digital sales... It's a pity but they still did well digitally

3. [+83, -20] #1 and 2 physical sales of rookie groups are Seventeen! The number went up to 7000 at a Daegu fansign when they were promoting Manse. Enough said.


4. [+38, -3] iKON also has big numbers of physical sales. It's just that Seventeen did too well.

5. [+22, -5] It'd be amazing if Seventeen and Twice do a joint stage. Both groups have great visuals. Imagine them performing in school uniforms ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's totally my type. They're so handsome and pretty, although the fans will be against the joint stage...

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