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iKON's lightstick actually resembles TVXQ's color?

Pann: Conclusion of iKON's controversial lightstick color

1. [+284, -203] It's funny how TVXQ fandom is complaining to iKON because the origin of red lightstick is Jinusean. Why did you guys take Jinusean's red then? Technically, TVXQ fandom stole the color as well.

2. [+167, -105] So mean. If you have hands at all, go ahead and give clarifications.

3. [+138, -99] Do they really want to do this?

4. [+88, -51] TVXQ fandom doesn't have the right to say anything because they're the one that stole Jinusean's color ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Who are you to be complaining? TVXQ fandom stole it first, why do you have pride in the color?

5. [+70, -8] So why were Shinhwa Changjos mad?

6. [+67, -106] Don't worry. TVXQ will disappear before they get discharged from the military.

7. [+59, -3] What's important is that I doubt YG will do anything. The fans asked for feedback and they said the fans chose the color. The fans are pissed off.

8. [+53, -17] I knew this would happen. Scarlet color? ㅋㅋㅋ Can you differentiate this from TVXQ's? "The lightsticks are different"? If you don't want a lightstick to be controversial with its color, you have to make it very distinct, just like VIP lightstick. That's why yellow color doesn't become controversial because the lightsticks of Jumping BoA, Primadonna, and VIP are all distinct. How can we differentiate this lightstick from far away? The only difference is that it's a little bigger. TVXQ fandom also did a lot of events with lightsticks. This is surely problematic.

9. [+53, -13] Everything aside, they have to be realistic this time. TVXQ fans, high school students, and non-fans will think red = TVXQ. What's the benefit of using this? ㅋㅋ

10. [+46, -24] Then TVXQ fans can use balloons instead. Isn't YG the first one with the lightstick?

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