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Idols that are heavy drinkers

EXO Xiumin
The strongest drinker in EXO

SHINee Onew
Can drink up to 5 bottles of soju

Can drink up to 4 bottles of soju

VIXX Hongbin
When VIXX drinks, Ken and Hongbin are the only ones that survive

iKON Bobby
Can drink up to 2 bottles of soju

SNSD Sunny
Nickname 'Soolkyu' (alcohol-Kyu)

Super Junior Kyuhyun & Ryeowook
These two maknaes can drink until the end

JYJ Jaejoong
Also survives until the end. His drinking limit is unknown.

FT Island Hongki
When he was at his peak, he drank up to 5~6 bottles of soju

Bigbang TOP
Can drink up to 7 bottles of soju

Shinhwa Jun Jin
He revealed that he can drink up to 15 bottles of soju

Infinite Hoya
Can drink up to 15 bottles of soju


Pann: Idols that are unexpectedly heavy drinkers

- BTOB Hyunsik also said he's never been drunk

- How does one drink 15 bottles of soju...?

- Their stomachs will explode

- Wow... I paused at the picture of Jaejoong for 5 seconds... He's also a good drinker ㅠㅠ <3

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