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Hyorin's old comment on idol rappers who are visuals

"For idols, it's mostly visuals that are in charge of rapping. It's because they really can't sing. Imagine how underground rappers would hate this. I'd also hate it, too."


Pann: Hyorin's legendary provocative statement

1. [+43, -2] Isn't it true though? Singers are not stupid, they know that they rap because they can't sing. Of course, some of them rap because they're actually good at rapping. The fans know it, too. You just don't admit it because it's your bias.

2. [+28, -4] Hyorin clarified it. Mnet is known for their evil editing.

3. [+24, -6] Is she talking about Bora?

4. [+15, -0] So what? What she's saying is right. Hyorin is a good singer. She's criticizing others that don't do their job properly. What's wrong with that?

5. [+12, -0] It's true, there's nothing wrong with her statement. She clarified that it's evil editing and she didn't target anyone. I don't understand why Hyorin is getting criticized.

6. [+9, -1] True... Untalented visuals are rappers. All they have to do is 10~20 seconds of rapping and they still get screen time. Those that are interested in idols all know it.

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