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Hot issues in 2015


Unpretty Rapstar season 1



Dating news of Jo Jung Suk & Gummy



Lee Taeim & Yewon
Infinity Challenge 'Sixth Man' project



Tao's withdrawal from EXO



Yoo Seung Joon begs for forgiveness on Afreeca broadcast
Maeng Ki Yong chef's 'Maeng morning' on Take Care of the Fridge



The Genius 'Grand Final'

Show Me The Money season 4
Sunhwa & Hana's conflict



Scam of Lee Jung Hee and her two sons
Girl's Day's attitude on Afreeca broadcast

Winner Taehyun's controversial acting
Dating news of Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin



South Korean soldiers get injured by North Korea's mines
T-ara's songs revealed to be recorded by substitute singers

Infinity Challenge Music Festival
F(x) OT4

Movies over ten million viewers (Assassination & Veteran)
Super Junior Kibum leaves SM

Jessica leaves SM
Block B PO wears a shirt with Japanese writing on Independence Day

Rumors of EXO Suho's father being a right-winger get clarified



Unpretty Rapstar season 2
GFriend's slippery stage

CL, "Asian women are submissive, I've changed them."



IU's Chat-Shire album released - the start of her controversy



Reply 1988



2015 MAMA
BTS Rap Monster admits and apologizes for his plagiarism


Instiz: 2015 this year's hot issues

- MERS... ㅠㅠ

- It feels interesting to hear that Tao's withdrawal happened in this year. It feels like it happened last year.

- Hul, I didn't know that SuJu Kibum terminated his contract... For me, CL's image became really unlikeable since the interview

- Why did I not hear about T-ara's substitute recording?

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