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Westerners view male K-Pop artists as gay?

You guys have recently made a video about K-Pop stars and Japanese stars, right? Why do you guys try to embarrass Korean/Japanese stars?

We have nothing against Korean/Japanese stars. The reason why we made the video is because people in East Asia don't seem to know about the stereotype people in the West have on Asian men.

Except the minority people that are fans of K-Pop, most Westerners think that every male K-Pop star wears feminine makeup and dyes his hair. It hardened the feminine image of Asian men. When it gets extreme, they call it gay. Of course, I don't agree with it. But such cultural differences exist. We just wanted to show that this is how Westerners think.


Pann: The reality of how Westerners view K-Pop

1. [+61, -15] They indeed look gay. We need a new concept but everyone is so similar. I don't see anyone who has potentials to hit big.

2. [+62, -0] Taemin and Jonghyun are actually fighting in the scene. It's Seo Taeji's Internet War. I guess those who don't know the situation will see it in this way.

3. [+59, -12] My friends are all American citizens and I went to an international school. The real popularity is only Hyuna, PSY, and GD. It's just like how we only know Justin Bieber and One Direction. They're not fans so they don't look into it. But once they become a fan, they don't seem to hate it. I'm a fan of Infinite so I put a picture of Infinite on my laptop's background. None of my friends said it looked gay. They were like, "is this your favorite K-Pop star? Cool." Asians really like K-Pop. Everybody knows about it. They all follow groups like EXO, BTS, Infinite, and SHINee. But in foreign countries, K-Pop is known as Gangnam Style, Fantastic Baby, Hyuna's sexy dance, guys with makeup, and girls who look the same. This is the reality. Westerners just don't know about it and Asians are fans.

4. [+38, -1] Why does America call everything gay? They say gay when a guy dresses in casual clothes. They say gay when a guy wears a v-neck shirt. Everything they do is called gay... They're a country of gay creation...

5. [+33, -1] We don't need to get our names known in America. It's all from the old American Dream. Why do we have to care about their taste when we can enjoy ourselves?

6. [+28, -1] America seems like an open-minded country but when it comes to topics like this, they seem to be very narrow-minded. They call a guy gay when he dresses in colorful clothes ㅋㅋ I don't get their standards.

7. [+25, -2] America calls everything gay ㅋㅋ Wearing skinny jeans is gay and being skinny is gay. I got a cultural shock when I heard that American guys don't wear an umbrella.

8. [+23, -2] So what do they want us to do about their stereotype? This is America's narrow perspective on sexuality, why do we have to adjust for them? Looking fancy is feminine? That neighborhood is also weird.

9. [+23, -4] The idols are still popular and earning tons

10. [+22, -5] What Hyuna? It's only SNSD and 2NE1 for female idols. Hyuna is just a package with PSY. And only Bigbang for male idols. There isn't really any popularity besides PSY.

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