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B2ST, Infinite, and BTS who saved small companies





Pann: Top 3 idol groups that are hopes and legends of small companies

1. [+230, -38] If we're including BTS, then shouldn't we put B1A4 as well? Boy groups that saved small companies are B2ST, Infinite, and B1A4.

2. [+161, -9] I really agree with these three groups. Infinite didn't have money to film a music video so they had to use recycled paper and tissue to minimize the budget. The CEO had to sell his office-tel and live at Infinite's dorm. Their dorm had rain leaking and cement falling from the ceiling... Non-fans might think we're cheap but it's such a precious experience for us. I'm happy at how big they've become ㅠㅠ They now have their company building, big popularity, hardcore fans, stable earnings, and world tours. I honestly don't get offended when people say Infinite is old news because Infinite wasn't even mentioned during debut days. I also heard that B1A4 is another group that was raised by a poor company like Infinite!

3. [+140, -13] They're underrated on Pann ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+78, -4] Isn't it B2ST, Infinite, and B1A4? Where's B1A4?

5. [+69, -3] B1A4 should honestly be here... They practiced under street lights because they didn't have a practice room. But now they have a building worth of 4 billion won and debuted Oh My Girl... Amazing.

6. [+35, -1] They're all true and we should also include B1A4 and Bigbang. YG was a small company but Bigbang made them a part of big 3.

7. [+30, -2] It's true that Bangtan is from a small company but it doesn't look like it because they're currently a trend. We can also have B1A4 in the list.

8. [+23, -0] Bang Si Hyuk is from JYP and he had 2AM, Lim Jung Hee, Homme, and Eight before Bangtan. He wasn't as small as Cube and Woollim.

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