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Why is EXID not controversial for their sexualization?

'Hot Pink' MV:

Symbolism of a boner

Reactions after filling gas

Sexual symbols in Up & Down

Ah Yeah


Pann: Why is EXID not controversial for their sexualization?

1. [+307, -49] An adult's sex appeal and sexualizing a kid are completely different. IU fans are unsatisfied after dragging EXO, F(x), Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, and Hyuna so they're now bringing EXID. Are they planning to screw up everyone else?

2. [+162, -74] Exactly. The fancam would've gotten a lot of criticisms if it was other girl group but people were only calling Hani a goddess. No controversies on their sexualization.

3. [+134, -25] It's the most useless thing to worry in the world

4. [+85, -9] Because they're not like "I'm innocent and I don't know anything~" like IU. They were always a sexy concept. And EXID actually got a lot of hate for it. IU stan, stop dragging others and shield your unnie with nonsense instead.

5. [+49, -4] How bad did you want to hate them.. How pathetic

6. [+48, -3] EXID is about adult women dating their boyfriends with sexual aspect whereas IU sexualized an abused kid Zeze and used pedophilia as a concept. This is why IU's case is problematic. A couple or a flirting couple won't get criticized for having sexual relationships because it's their business. Loen IU's hoobae Fiestar did a threesome concept and their song was against morals, that's why they got a lot of criticisms and took the song down. If Fiestar did the same concept as IU, they would've had to disband.

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