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Short fanfic of Lee Soo Man & Yang Hyun Suk (sorry)

YG: "Hyung..."
SM: "What's up, Hyun Suk?"
YG: "I... like hyung so much..."
SM: "..."
YG: "Hyung... are you OK with me...?"
SM: "Sorry."
YG: "Why? I can't give up on hyung."

SM: "Hah~ you're driving me crazy, Yang Hyun Suk. Do you think I don't like you? I do! But.. but..."
YG: "..."
SM: "We shouldn't be caught by anyone..."
YG: "It's OK"
SM: "Huh...?"

YG: "We can date secretly. Let's date. Today is our first day."
SM: "OK, Hyun Suk. No, OK baby."


Instiz: Kakaostory actually writes a gay fic of Lee Soo Man and Yang Hyun Suk

- I didn't read anything. No. Nothing.

- I'm buying clean eyes

- What a weird taste...

- 18 years of age difference...

- "Baby" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think they're trying to be funny

- Ah... this is a nightmare

- People come up with such random pairs for fanfics...

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