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[Unpretty Rapstar 2] Yezi's diss rap to Sua

Hey dumb kid. Start talking after taking your 'YG' title off.
You're an idiot without bubbles and sponsor. Oops, do you feel guilty 'cause you already know?
Your concept that the show made for you. What is this fuckin' snowman on Unpretty Rapstar?
Stop being so fake. Explain why you were so rude on the first day of filming.
Stop talking bull. Your shitty skills raise my rage that didn't exist before.
Act like your level. Were you not potty-trained? Why act like a baby for 6 years?
Motherfuckin' your rap. This is the rap you've been practicing for 6 years.
This below-average amateur needs to fuck off. You suit YG basement the best.
Like you said, you're a fake high school rapper. Might as well hire someone and copy their work.
You claim that you're beating the unnies. Try jittering that rubbish after rapping properly.
You're fake from head to toe. Your fortune is to practice forever.
You don't even have manners or skills. Don't blame Yang Hyun Suk because it's you that sucks.
Your punch lines that you always talk about. Do you even know what they mean? Or is it your fake high schooler mindset?
Why do you always bullshit that you're gonna slay when there's none?
From my perspective, you're such a pathetic bitch.
You're just frying eggs (tn: small breasts) pretending to be F cup. Let me scramble them for ya, can I fry?


Pann: Fiestar Yezi slays YG rapper

1. [+250, -11] Sua is just so terrible and Yezi is just so good

2. [+207, -36] Is this the future of YG? How dark.

3. [+108, -151] She's a trainee. She's not in YG yet.

4. [+99, -4] It's pathetic how Sua says Yezi is bullying her. She's just trying to make Yezi a mean unnie. She's young yet so sly.

5. [+93, -2] Sorry but I'm a YG stan and I hate Sua. It's interesting that her rapping is so bad when she's been a trainee for 6 years.

6. [+66, -2] Yang Hyun Suk must be wanting to get rid of Sua and take Yezi

7. [+55, -6] Sua looks down on Jiyoon. She doesn't even realize that she's at Jiyoon's level.

8. [+55, -2] Trudy and Yezi are the top 2 on Unpretty Rapstar 2... It's true that both are good but the rest of them are just really bad at rapping.

9. [+33, -4] YG trainees' hobby is getting their lyrics messed up on survival shows, isn't it?

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