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Top 10 foreign male celebrities chosen by gay men

Ranking is from a gay magazine 'Attitude'

10) Joe Lycett

9) Stuart Reardon
Rugby player & model

8) David Beckham
Always ranked high

7) Zac Efron

6) Chris Pratt

5) Chris Evans

4) Tom Daley

3) Liam Payne
One Direction member

2) Channing Tatum

1) Simon Dunn
Australian bobsleigh player, ranked for the first time


Instiz: Top 10 foreign celebrities chosen by gay men in 2015

- Oh... All of them have great bodies

- Hul Channing Tatum! I thought they wouldn't like him because he looks cheesy

- Zac Efron ㅠㅠ I should rewatch High School Musical

- The diver came out!

- As expected of Beckham...

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