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NU'EST Aron gets caught insulting Seventeen + issues an apology

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The situation: Before Seventeen debuted, there was a recorded video of the practice room called 'Seventeen TV'. NU'EST members were waiting in the practice room to play games with Seventeen. The video was filmed in 2013.

Aron: "What the heck are they all doing in white clothes?"
Baekho: "I know right."
Aron: "Idiots." ("병신들")
(glances at the camera)
Aron: "Why is your voice getting smaller?"
Baekho: "It's all being filmed, your voice is loud."
Aron: "I'm sure they didn't hear anything." "I swear they didn't." "Should we then apologize or not"
Someone: "Aigo, he says sorry."
(Seventeen members greet them)


Instiz: An idol who insults his company hoobaes

- Was it really broadcasted? Did the guy insult even though he knew that there was a camera?

- These guys had a lot of controversies before, this is not a first ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Amazing, they're not even popular

- Ah... my heart breaks to see Soonyoung smiling and greeting them cluelessly...

Aron's apology:

"Hello. This is Aron.
I first want to apologize to my fans that are worried due to my controversial words and to Seventeen fans that were hurt by the video.
2 years ago, when I was on Seventeen TV, I was close to Seventeen members and I didn't think of the camera when I was saying such words, so my usual habit slipped out. After the broadcast, I apologized to Seventeen members and it ended with smiles. I again apologize.
I shouldn't have such things even if I was close to them. I want to say sorry for my mistake and for Seventeen fans.
I'm sorry, and I'm also sorry to NU'EST members."


Instiz: NU'EST Aron's apology to a controversy of cursing at hoobaes

- I wonder if he really apologized to Seventeen members after the broadcast

- It wouldn't be forgiven entirely but it's a fast feedback. Hope he doesn't make this kind of mistake again.

- But I think Seventeen members just found out that they were insulted after the video was aired...

- I hate how he says cursing is his usual habit

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