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Guillaume cast in 'With You 2' with his actress girlfriend

Article: [Exclusive] Guillaume Patry is dating actress Song Jihyun for 3 months

Source: Edaily via Naver

1. [+807, -39] It'd be good if their relationship lasts long but I feel like the woman is going to run off after getting her name out there

2. [+602, -30] Hah... I hope she's not gonna trash Guillaume after getting popular from this

3. [+494, -21] I think she's gonna use Guillaume ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+307, -9] I searched on Naver but I couldn't find any profile of Song Jihyun born in 1983

5. [+198, -14] Oh Guillaume~~ Hope they last long

6. [+116, -4] Honestly, if she was a non-celebrity, she'd be pressured to join a TV show with her celebrity boyfriend so she would definitely reject the offer. Of course, she's not missing this chance because she's an unknown actress. Lee Gyu Han's non-celebrity girlfriend was on a screen for 2 seconds and she almost broke up with him. I can 100% tell what the woman is intending to do.

7. [+106, -9] Maybe Guillaume is being used because he's too kind...

8. [+92, -3] It's good if it's a happy relationship but why do I see Yang Sang Guk and Chun Yiseul?

9. [+80, -5] She's debuting by selling Guillaume's name, tsk tsk

10. [+70, -1] If she was a non-celebrity, wouldn't she feel pressured to be on TV? I think she's trying to get her name out there. Their relationship has been 3 months only.

Article: Guillaume ♥ Girlfriend and Yoon Jung Soo ♥ Kim Sook confirmed to be the new couples of 'With You 2' [official statement]

Source: OSEN via Naver

('With You' is a TV show of virtual marriage, just like We Got Married)

1. [+8991, -93] Hul Guillaume's girlfriend? I'm curious

2. [+6496, -83] Hul Guillaume's girlfriend? Actress? Daebak

3. [+5234, -95] I didn't know that Guillaume has a girlfriend

4. [+760, -25] Only 3 months? Actress? She must be unpopular... I hope she's not intending to get popularity by going on this show with Guillaume

5. [+613, -16] I think Guillaume's girlfriend is just a rookie actress that they're trying to promote

6. [+544, -13] I hope she's not trying to use Guillaume's popularity. I don't think it'll be good for a real couple to be on this show unless they're planning to get married. Kim Sook is also shy. I wonder how it'll turn out~

7. [+540, -16] Isn't it too risky to be on the show with a real girlfriend? And it's only been 3 months...

8. [+501, -9] They've been dating for 3 months only... If they're cast as a permanent couple, they can't break up even if they want to. It could be frustrating.

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