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Female celebrities that could get popular but don't

Nine Muses Kyungri

Kang Yebin

NS Yoonji



Pann: Celebrities that could get popular but don't

1. [+248, -3] They're all fine. But I've never seen Anda before.

2. [+115, -1] Did Kang Yebin really not get a boob job? The second picture is suspicious

3. [+80, -26] Anda has a nice butt

4. [+74, -1] It's obviously Anda's media-play ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+58, -3] Are they two bowls of rice? Her silicons are showing...

6. [+48, -1] I've never seen Anda. Look how they're slyly promoting her.

7. [+37, -0] All of Superstar K winners also get forgotten

8. [+20, -0] For Nine Muses, it's not just Kyungri. It's everyone in Star Empire

9. [+18, -0] Kyungri's face attracts people

10. [+10, -1] Rainbow... Goddamn DSP gave them 2-year hiatuses so they never got popular

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