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Chinese fansite admin gets upset at Seventeen Joshua and throws a sheet at him


The fan is a Chinese fansite admin of Joshua. On that day, Joshua had a sty in his aegyo fat so his facial expression wasn't good. The fan got upset at his facial expression. When it was her turn, she threw the sign sheet at the table and left the fansign. She later apologized on Twitter but left the fandom and shut her fansite down. She's still writing upset posts and it seems that she was mad because she spent a lot of money to go to the fansign but his unpleasant facial expression made her upset.

Pictures of Joshua's sty in his aegyo fat:

Her upset posts:

Her last apology:

I apologize for what I've done today. I sometimes can't control my emotions. I'm sorry and I regret my attitude today. I had hurt Jisoo (Joshua's real name) and fans. I apologize for worrying Jisoo's fans and I'll take every criticism. But please don't exaggerate the incident. I never hit Jisoo in any way. I cried before going on the stage so I couldn't control my emotions and smashed the sheet on the table. I didn't do anything else. Lastly, I hope people would support Jisoo.


Instiz: A fan who got upset at a fansign and threw an object at the singer

- I'm so speechless and mad...

- Aigo... Look at how shocked he looks in the video...

- We don't need a fan like her. It's good that she left the fandom

- All of the members look flustered... They must've been hurt by that...

- Shouldn't she worry that he's holding a fansign with a sty?

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