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[Brave Journalists] Secret couple actress A ♥ singer B

Top actress A's charms are her outgoing and unpredictable personalities. 
Top singer B's albums always do well. 

According to the insiders, they recently started dating and went on an overseas trip. To avoid suspicions, they got on the plane at different times but as soon as they got on it, they started having skinship with eager eyes. Even the dates of them coming back to the country were the same. 

The public knows them as friends. When their companies were asked about the couple, they lied and said it was a friendship trip.


Instiz: A couple that entertainment journalists are eyeing on

- I thought of Hongki but he doesn't always win #1...

- My bias doesn't have actress friends ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Who's a singer that does well with every album?

- My friends told me that this is a CNBLUE member and Park Shin Hye

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